Case studies

How to Stink on Facebook with 17 Millions Followers: Learn from Burberry

How to Stink on Facebook with 17 Millions Followers: Learn from Burberry

Using Engagement Matrix to analyze the percentage of engaged Facebook fans and comparing with competitors.

Fujo's Steps for Social Media Success

Fujo's Steps for Social Media Success

Daran Johnson, co-founder of Fujo, Inc. a digital strategy and analytics company, shared with us his steps to social media success and how TrueSocialMetrics helps him build a success ladder for his clients.

The most viral type of pins: Barney’s on Pinterest

The Most Viral Type of ins: Barney’s on Pinterest

Analyzing the effectiveness of different types of pins with Content Segmentation feature for apparel retailer on Pinterest.

Google+ Communities: Analyzing community health

Google+ Communities: Analyzing Community Health

Using the Competitive analysis and Content analytics reports to study the Content health of Google+ community compared to competitive communities.

Movies on Facebook: Creative ways to promote DVD releases

Movies on Facebook: Creative Ways to Promote DVD Releases

Using the Content Segmentation feature to analyze Facebook posts promoting DVD/HD/Blu-ray releases for the best movies of 2014.

Hotels on Facebook: Competitive analysis and content health check-up

DoubleTree Hotels on Facebook: Benchmarking from Fellow-brands

How Competitive Analysis helped DoubleTree Hotels benchmark effective content tactics from it's competitors, sister-brands, and fellow-brands from the same hotel chain.

Luxury brands on Facebook: Analyzing best and worst content

Luxury Brands on Facebook: Analyzing Best and Worst Content, or Why Prada Fans Hate Suits

Demonstrating the Competitive Analysis performed with the help of Engagement Matrix, Posting Density Matrix and Best / Worst Posts report. Analyzing and comparing the Quality of Followers, Posting Density and top Best / Worst ideas for posts.

Oreo tweets analytics

How Oreo Rocks in Twitter: Using Content Segmentation for Tweets Analysis

Describing the content analysis with the help of Custom segmentation - analyzing content-campaigns, different content types (links, images, videos, plaintext), owned vs rented content performance, and comparing different content types effectiveness on several social networks.

Analyzing The Best Facebook Campaigns 2012

Analyzing The Best Facebook Campaigns 2012

Featuring the analytics data of Facebook campaigns, demonstrating the best practices for using the Campaigns analytics feature.

Soda wars: top 5 soda brands on Twitter

Soda Wars: Top 5 Soda Brands on Twitter

Presentation describing the accounts Performance Analytics, Competitive Analysis, Benchmark and Posts Analytics of the Twitter accounts from the top 5 soda brands.

Which social networks is the most engaging

Infographic: Which Social Media Sites are the Most Engaging?

Demonstrating how to determine Industry standards by performing a Competitive Analysis across all social networks to find the most effective social media platform for a particular industry.

Top 5 american pizza brands in social media

Top 5 American Pizza's Brands in social Media

Describing the Competitive Analysis for Facebook pages: general comparison, Best Posts comparison for each rival, identifying problems based on the Metrics Proportion, and using the Relative metrics per 1 follower.